Explore Christchurch

Christchurch is the gateway to New Zealand's South Island. You can ski, bungy jump, hike, mountain bike, raft, surf, swim, golf, see whales, dolphins and seals, visit wineries and gardens, shop, be entertained and awed, and so much more, all within 2 hours of Christchurch. Explore Christchurch & Canterbury or discover Christchurch's Pockets of Awesome.

Explore New Zealand 

Tena koutou e nga manuhiri o te ao whanui. Greetings to you, our visitors. When you travel in New Zealand (or Aotearoa as the locals call it), you'll find we have rich tales to share; of our history, our legends and our future.

You can't beat the dramatic natural landscapes and lively cities of New Zealand for extraordinary travel experiences.

From exhilarating jet boat safaris and match racing on an America's Cup yacht to award winning cuisine and fascinating Maori culture, it's the perfect place for high performers to relax and recharge.

Because New Zealand is compact, it's easy to experience a whole lot in one trip. Whether you're talking about the landscape, wildlife, culture or the people we offer a kind of experience that you cannot get anywhere else in the world.

New Zealand is a cultural melting pot. We celebrate our indigenous Maori heritage and have strong ties to our neighbours across the ditch (Australia), the Pacific Islands and Asia. This naturally accepting nature of New Zealanders (or 'Kiwis' as we call ourselves) means we are a pretty laid back and friendly bunch.

Even though we are a tiny little nation of four and half million people (but 40 million sheep!) our cities have everything that you would expect in other major metropolitan areas such as great restaurants, even better shopping, events, activities and all that other fun stuff.

Find out more about our home at New Zealand's official tourism website.