Tuesday 17 October

9:30am - 4:30pm Workshop: Advanced cycleway design for intersections
(separate registration required – see here for details)
Rydges Latimer Christchurch
12:00pm - 5:30pm Registration desk opens
Rydges Latimer Christchurch 
5:30pm - 7:30pm Welcome function
Christchurch Transitional Cathedral


Wednesday 18 October

8:30am  Mihi Whakatau
8:50am  Welcome and Opening
9:30am The Christchurch story
10:30am Morning tea 
10:50am Worldwide trends and developments and their influence on cycling: Best practices from The Netherlands and the rest of the world
(Presentation + Panel discussion)
Ir Mirjam Borsboom & Edward Douma
12:00pm  Streets for our future: Moving from knowledge to practice and outcomes
Hamish Mackie
12:35pm  Lunch 
Kindly sponsored by Fulton Hogan
1:20pm Concurrent session one
  Community engagement  Places for people 1 Bikes for healthy lifestyles 1
  From the fringe to mainstream: the politics of gaining community support and delivering successful cycling infrastructure for the future
Pippa Coom & Phil Clearwater
Safe … but only if it's efficient
Axel Wilke
Better behaviour through smart driveway design at urban cycleways
Jared Thomas
  Developing a National Cycle Infrastructure Level of Service Guideline for New Zealand
Peter Kortegast 
Independence on wheels: how non-profit advocacy creates bike-friendly cities and city-friendly bikers
Barbara Cuthbert  
  A Cycleway for Island Bay
Sarah Free 
He Ara Kotahi – the 'Karaka tree bridge'
Bridging The Manawatu River In Harmony With A Delicate Peri-Urban Cultural and Riparian Environment
Nick Aiken 
Greenways – Creating Safe and Sustainable Travel Choice through Smart Footpaths
Jason Chow 
  Beyond 'bikelash': Understanding community opposition to cycle lanes in New Zealand
Dr Adrian Field & Dr Kirsty Wild
Around about time to make cycle-friendly roundabouts?
Tim Hughes
Individual and Environmental Correlates of Motorist Passing Distance of Bicycle Riders
Dr Kristi Heesch 
  How to achieve rapid change for cycling outcomes
Tyler Golly & Ryan Martinson 
Where My Ladies At?: Creating a Female- Friendly Space
Catarina Gutierrez 
Understanding the value of Bikes in Schools: Preliminary results from a three-year evaluation
Greer Hawley 
3:10pm Afternoon tea
3:30pm  Field trips around Christchurch
5:45pm Happy hour 


Thursday 19 October

8:25am  Morning welcome    
8:30am  NZ Transport Agency address
Fergus Gammie, CEO
8:50am  Sarah Ulmer  
9:10am  Blood, Sweat and Gears: How Atlanta Streets Alive helped change the story of Atlanta as a car-only culture
Jenn Graham
9:30am  Portland and Beyond: Lessons from America's Top Cycling City
Steve Hoyt-McBeth 
10:30am  Morning tea   
11:00am  The New Zealand Cycle Trail
Roger Wigglesworth, Jonathan Kennett & Kaye Parker
11:55am  Safe cycling: perception or reality?
Dr Marilyn Johnson
12:25pm  Cycling: through a health department lens
Prof Chris Rissel
12:55pm  Lunch   
1:55pm Concurrent session two  
  Places for people 2 Smart systems 1 Bikes for healthy lifestyles 2  
  Lessons from the Trenches: how Auckland Transport have shifted their approach to engaging on their cycling programme
Kathryn King 
Designing & Building for People on Bikes within evolving constraints - Auckland City CBD
Graeme Bean 
Cycle Skills for Life
Kirsten Malpas & Claire Pascoe 
  Bike Data Analysis – A comparison between 21,000 NZ riders and 180,000 riders from around the world
Thomas Stokell 
Cycling Network Guidance – the evolution of best practice
Simon Kennett, Tim Hughes & Jeanette Ward 
Zero to Hero – Whanganui's Story
Rui Leitao & Norman Gruebsch
  Mangere Future Streets – the benefits of taking a strategic urban design approach to walking and cycling improvements.
Stuart Houghton
Cycling the Hawkes Bay Region NZ in Safety with the aid of a Clip On Cycleway
Peter Metcalfe
School Travel Behaviour Change - Experience from the UK
Tom Ransom 
  The role of bike parking in a multi-faceted approach to getting more people on bikes
Jo Clendon 
Virtual Reality – Breaking Down Barriers of Perceived Safety
Katherine Eveleigh 
Unlocking cycling through social connection
Amy Taylor 
  Are bicycle sharing schemes inclusive? A Socio-Spatial Analysis in Glasgow, UK and Christchurch, NZ
Dr Angela Curl 
Evaluation of Bike Boulevards in the City of Darebin
Dr Cameron Munro
USO Bike Ride- Improving the health and wellbeing of Polynesian people through Cycling
Talalelei Taufale & Chris Te'o  
      When it feels like "everyone's trying to kill you": Understanding first person and third person perceptions of risk and vulnerability
Dr Helen Fitt 
      The impact of the new health and safety act on company bike fleet uptake
Ellie Craft 
      Assessing the relationship between the neighbourhood built environment and children's active transport behaviours and perceptions
Dr Niamh Donnellan 
3:30pm Afternoon tea 
Kindly sponsored by Wellington City Council
4:00pm  Concurrent session three   

Places for people 3
Bikes for healthy lifestyles 3 Places for people 4 Blind Zone Demo  
  Cycling as part of the New Zealand transport system – NZTA's journey so far and where we're heading next
Claire Pascoe 
Bringing Maori Narratives to the Cycling Experience
Callie Corrigan 
Local Path Network Planning Workshop
Kent Lundberg & Jack Haldene-Willis 
Blind Zone Demo
Will Andrews
  Footpath cycling - A contentious issue
Jeanette Ward 
TravelWhiz - Implementing a travel plan to support a great place to work
Ann-Marie Head 
  Improving cycle safety at urban intersections
Simon Douglas 
Setting up a Transport Management Association
Sue Philbin
5:00pm  End of day   
6:15pm  Congress awards and dinner
The Tannery

Kindly sponsored by Isaac Construction Ltd


Friday 20 October

8:30am Concurrent session 4
  Smart systems 2 Places for People 5 Bikenomics
  Designing for bike riders on local road roundabouts
Dr Cameron Munro
Bike Share for Christchurch, an idea whose time has come?
Nick Lovett 
Making it fit - retrofitting high-standard cycleways in urban environments
Ben Dodgshun
  Designing safer railway crossings for walking and cycling
Dr Glen Koorey & Leah Murphy
Is that a Sharrow? Don't put it there!!
Sandy Mills 
Forecasting Cycle Demand in Auckland: A new and exact science, or are we just making this stuff up?
Michael Jongeneel 
  Using an Instrumented Bicycle to Measure Minimum Overtaking Gap for Motorists Overtaking Cyclists in New Zealand
Peter Kortegast
Cost-benefit analysis of recent major cycling investments across Queensland
Sarah W Wilkinson
Developing cycling networks: where to invest next?
Karl Baker 
  E-bike safety, regulation, speed and gender
John Lieswyn & Simon Kennett
Road Safety, Urban Design and Landscape Character in Cycleway Design using a Safety Audit and Network Functionality Approach – Christchurch Results
Mike Smith
Better Bikeways for Brisbane
Mark Pattemore 
  From Red to Green – The way forward for Cycling, Traffic Signals and ITS
Alex Dean, Michael Town & Stephen Wright
E-bikes and bicycle justice: Empowering technology or the death of the bicycle?
Dr Kirsty Wild 
Planning and designing bikefriendly city-centers (with examples from Europe and USA)
Richard ter Avest
  Implementing Cycleways in the Rail Corridor
Nicola Hopman 
Building cycling families along side facilities
Jena Niquidet Western 

10:30am Morning tea 
11:15am  The road to a better future: is there a role for the bicycle in modern cities
Prof Simon Kingham
11:45am  Present Reflections: Future Directions
Phillip Darnton
12:45pm  Closing address 
1:00pm  Farewell lunch