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Career Benchmarking: Planning and progressing your career                                

Guy Chapple 

Wednesday 27th June, 0830-1030

This Career Development session is designed for your to establish where you currently are in your career progression. It will help you consider the routes available to you now and in the future, as well as identifying the skill sets and knowledge that you need to attain to reach your target course management role.

• My personal benchmark - establishing my current level of 'employability'
• The required skill sets - identifying the skills I need and how to obtain them
• Who is on your side and how to get them to help you?
• What type of club will employ you and what type of club do you want to be employed by?
• What to do when your career is stalled and what to do when making good progress

A Practical Approach to Project Management for Greenkeepers

Bruce Macphee, Chris Burgess, NZSTI
Wednesday 27th June, 0830-1030

Large projects demand a lot of planning and knowledge before the project even starts. Too many projects are undertaken in inefficient ways and become compromised by poor decision making which forces costs to rise, budgets to be extend and the course to be poorly presented leading to member and board frustration. All construction projects require good methodical planning and correct execution to achieve desired outcomes and ensure smooth delivery of the finished product.

Learning Outcomes:
• Identify what constitutes a successful project outcome
• Understand how to approach a project
• How to structure construction works, project management and course operations
• Follow the sequence of projects to completion
• Know the importance of contract paperwork and budget control
• Identify post construction issues


Vickie Crowe

Wednesday 27th June, 1100-1230

Further details to come.

Moving from a superintendent into a management role

Brendan Allen, Leo Barber, Craig Haldane (TBC)
Wednesday 27th June, 1100-1230

This Career Development session will take us off the golf course and into the club house. The presenters will discuss the challenges that you may face moving into a managerial position and look at how well suited todays course managers are to take on such a position, and what tools they need to succeed in the role.

Managing Volunteers

Chris Burgess
Thursday 28th June, 0830-1230

Whether taking in volunteers to help prepare for a major club event or just to help with the everyday running of the course, managing this resource can be a minefield. This comprehensive workshop will look at the legal responsibilities, benefits and issues associated your club may face when using volunteers as well as give practical advice on how to supervise this vital resource.




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