Keynote speakers

Dr. Yengo Loic

Dr. Yengo Loic is known for developing cutting-edge statistical methods to analyse large GWAS and quantifying non-random mating in humans. Find out more about his research by clicking here.

Dr. Mario Calus

Dr. Mario Calus is an Associate Professor at Wageningen University, and a leading expert on genomic prediction. You can read his full biography here.

Prof. Marion Koopmans

We are proud to have Prof. Marion Koopmans as one of our keynote speakers. She is an expert on rapidly spreading zoonotic viruses, and on the use of genomic information to unravel virus transmission pathways. Click here to read here full biography.

Prof. Jennie Pryce

Professor Jennie Pryce is known for her work on novel traits in dairy cattle. You can find more information about her work by following this link.

Prof. Donagh Berry

Prof. Donagh Berry will be presenting his work on developing practical breeding solutions for cattle and sheep stakeholders at the 12th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production. Have a look on and

Prof. Josephine Pemberton

Prof. Josephine Pemberton is an expert on longitudinal genetics studies in natural populations. Follow this link to read more about the publications of Prof. Pemberton.